DVDs for 08/10/10: A Thorn, an Exile and more Bugs and Daffy

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and posting less—paying assignments get top priority for my time at home—so I’m a little behind. And this week at my MSN column I left the Hollywood new releases to the blue-star panel of MSN film critics (you can find their reviews quoted in my coverage of Date Night (Fox), Death at a Funeral (Sony) and The Joneses (Fox)) and gave cursory coverage to the painfully self-indulgent self-produced comedy of midlife crisis and career ennui Multiple Sarcasms (Image). I finally caught up with the newly restored Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Kino) and put down a few words on the recent box set releases spotlighting directors Sacha Guitry and Akira Kurosawa, stars Errol Flynn and Kim Novak, and the King himself, Elvis Presley.

The Gondry clan watches Michel's documentary about them

What does that leave for this column? How about Michel Gondry’s The Thorn in the Heart (Oscilloscope), an intimate portrait of his Aunt Suzette Gondry, the strong-willed patriarch of the Gondry family, and her thorny relationship with her son Jean-Yves.

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