What’s in Your DVD Player, Eddie Izzard?

My interview with Eddie Izzard went live on MSN last week. (I just got back from vacation so I’m catching up on my online pieces.) He was a lot of fun to interview, I confess, and would have loved to talk more. As it is, we discussed his TV series The Riches, his stand-up comedy act, and his James Mason impression, among other things.

MSN Movies: What’s in your DVD player?

Eddie Izzard: Does it have to be DVD or can it be a download?

I’m open. What did you download?

Chinatown.” I know it’s not anything new, but that’s what I watched last night. I download a lot of films.

That’s the great thing about DVD and home video. You don’t have to see only what’s new, and the old films generally look better on DVD than the old prints that used to bounce repertory theaters.

And one thing I love about downloads is that, in 10 years, everything that was ever made can be made available, because it can exist in cyberspace. You don’t need shelf space at a shop.

“The Riches” is your first TV series. How did you get involved with it?

Dmitry Lipkin, who created the show, brought the idea to Maverick, the production company, 10 days before I got there. I was going there for a meeting about something else and they said that they happened to be doing this story, and I said, “Well, can I do that?,” which is a bit like being in school. Can I play in your game? And they said, “Yeah, do you want to?” It was the easiest gig I’ve ever landed in my life.

How much of you is actually in your character, Wayne Malloy?

In television, they tend to write towards one’s own personality. So 60 percent of Wayne is actually me and 60 percent of Dahlia is actually Minnie [Driver]. They take what you’re like in real life and sort of run with it. I am a relentless bastard. I just will not stop, and that quality I think is important to Wayne.

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