“Rookie Blue” – Learning Life on the Streets

Rookie Blue: The Complete First Season (eOne)

Where is T.J. Hooker when you need him? A group of rookies, newly graduated from the police academy, start their education on the streets in this Canadian-produced cop show, from some of the same folks who brought us Flashpoint. Shot in Toronto with a Canadian-born cast, it looks and feels a lot like most American cop shows, with an amiable cast of attractive young actors and a budget somewhere between network gloss and cable austerity.

Missy Perygrym (Reaper) plays our central rookie, the daughter of a veteran cop who has slid into alcoholism, working to both take care of the old man and make him proud while she learns the ropes of life on the street, from the give and take between cops and the less-than-upright citizens they tend to tangle to the reality of violence and the instability of real-life situations. They learn how and why procedure works, how you back up your partner on the streets and in the house, and how you balance work with life. Which means there are lessons in every episodes. The cast is filled out with Gregory Smith (the joker), Enuka Okuma (the practical one), Travis Milne (the by-the-book guy) and Charlotte Sullivan (the beauty trying to prove herself) as the rookie squad, with Ben Bass as the street smart (and roguishly attractive) veteran who teams up with Perygrym after she inadvertently blows his undercover identity.

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