DVDs for 06-08-10 From Paris to Shinjuku and Shutter Island, with Love

The grade-A release of the week is Shutter Island (Paramount), Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of the Dennis Lehane thriller, which I spotlight in a featured review in my DVD column for MSN, and I go in-depth on the new Bob Hope: Thanks For the Memories Collection (Universal) box set on my blog here.

John Travolta teaches old school American spy craft: shoot first, shoot often

But for this entry, I’m going to give some love to the B-movie of the week. From Paris With Love (Lionsgate), starring John Travolta as a cowboy of an American agent and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as an ambitious but untrained low-level agent assigned to assist, is another of Luc Besson’s English language Euro-action films, the contemporary equivalent to the drive-in action movie of decades past. As a producer, Besson has perfected the formula in a string of unpretentious but adrenaline-boosted movies: American/British stars in an otherwise French production, a simple narrative without subplots or distractions, launched into with very little preamble and then carried on without taking a breath until you arrive at the end of the ride. This is simply another variation.

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