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Bones (2005-2017) came to an end in early 2017 after twelve years and 245 episodes: an impressive run by any measure. The high concept crime show was never hailed as the best or most original show on TV—it was one of the better of the myriad of procedurals built around the unique talents of a brilliant mind whose area of expertise invariably becomes the key to unlocking the mystery at hand—but it struck that perfect alchemy of fun characters, snappy dialogue, murder mystery complications, gooey forensics and, most important, screen chemistry bonded to perfection that most television never approaches.

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Emily Deschanel is world-class anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan, resident genius at The Jeffersonian, the show’s stand-in for The Smithsonian. David Boreanaz is FBI Special Agent Sealy Booth, who is teamed with Brennan in the first episode in a partnership that almost crashes and burns halfway through their first case. By the end of the episode they evolve to grudging respect. Booth calls Brennan “Bones” first as a cheeky slight, then as an affectionate nickname, and finally a term of endearment. They were the classic odd couple buddy partnership, the practical detective with a savvy understanding of people and the scientific genius devoted to empirical evidence colliding and collaborating through each investigation.

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TV on DVD 06/29/10 Gee whiz, it’s Warehouse 13, Eureka, The Closer and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver!

Warehouse 13: Season One (Universal) – Remember the end of Raider’s of the Lost Ark where the Ark of the Covenant is stashed away amidst the brick-a-brac of lost and found treasures in some massive government warehouse? That could be Warehouse 13, where, in the words of its curator Artie (Saul Rubinek), “We take the unexplained and we just safely tuck it away in the supersized Pandora’s Box.” In this case, the unexplained involves supernatural objects, metaphysical inventions and ancient technology, the “artifacts” that the warehouse is designed to hide away.

Taking a break from guarding The Warehouse

Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly star as the oil-and-water secret service agents who are drafted into the even more secret service of the Warehouse: Kelly as the smart, disciplined and driven agent’s agent Myka Bering and McClintock as the easygoing, off-the cuff Pete Lattimer, whose freewheeling attitude actually comes in handy when tracking down items of magic (such as Edgar Allan Poe’s pen) and metaphysics (like Tesla inventions). The steampunk aesthetic, and the mix of science and supernatural, makes it a companion piece to SyFy’s other lighthearted science adventure series, Eureka (and in fact, a few Eureka performers show in guest roles here). Teenage hacker Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) joins the series in episode four, CCH Pounder brings a sardonic authority as their boss and Roger Rees has a recurring role as a former agent turned nemesis with a thriving business in black market artifacts.

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