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Darren Aronofsky (Parallax View, January 22, 2009)

Alan Ball on Towelhead (Parallax View, September 11, 2008)

Robert Benton (GreenCine, Sept 2007)

Pablo Berger: “I have to hypnotize” (GreenCine, Feb 2006)

Kathryn Bigelow on The Hurt Locker (Parallax View, February 2010)

Christoffer Boe (GreenCine, May 2007)

Budd Boetticher (Parallax View, November 2008)

Zach Braff – ‘Garden State’ (Static Multimedia, 2004)

Joe Carnahan and Jeremy Piven – ‘Smokin’ Aces’ (GreenCine, Jan 2007)

Alfonso Cuarón Dares to Hope (GreenCine, Dec 2006)

Kerry Conran – ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ (GreenCine, September 2004)

David Cronenberg (Seattle Weekly, 1999)

John Cusack: “What is Absurdity But the Logical Extension of Current Trends?” (GreenCine, June 10, 2008)

Brian Dannelly – ‘Saved!’ (GreenCine, June 2004)

Jonathan Demme on Rachel Getting Married (Parallax View, Oct 12, 2008)

Brian DePalma (GreenCine, Nov 2007)

Christopher Doyle – “The strangest cinematographer in the world” (GreenCine, Nov 2004)

Jay and Mark Duplass: “The Hardest Part About Mixing Genres Is Mixing Genres” (GreenCine, July 22, 2008)

Marc Forster (Static Multimedia, Dec 2004)

Stephen Fry (GreenCine, Feb 2005)

Michel Gondry: Liberating the Magic (GreenCine, Sept 2006)

Todd Haynes and a Whole Slew of Dylans (GreenCine, Nov 2007)

Walter Hill (GreenCine, Oct 2005)

Gavin Hood: “These issues are timeless” (GreenCine, Mar 2006)

Garth Jennings on ‘Son of Rambow’ (, May 2008)

Tommy Lee Jones (GreenCine, Nov 2007)

Lloyd Kaufman (Parallax View, April 2010)

Burt Kennedy: Writing Broadway in Arizona (Parallax View, November 2008)

Chen Kaige and ‘The Promise’ (GreenCine, Dec 2006)

Richard Kelly and cast – ‘Donnie Darko’ (GreenCine, July 2004)

Lodge Kerrigan’s Fragmented Fabrications (GreenCine, Oct 2006)

Takeshi Kitano on ‘Zatoichi’ (GreenCine, July 2004)

Patrice Leconte (GreenCine, September 2004)

Ang Lee: “I Like to Keep That Mystery” (GreenCine, Oct 2007)

Jet Li: Honoring the Legend (GreenCine, Sept 2006)

David Lynch’s Empire (GreenCine, August 2007)

Ross McElwee “Replication of Reality” (GreenCine, July 2005)

Don McKellar (GreenCine, Jan 2005)

Errol Morris: “The Photographs Actually Hide Things From Us” (GreenCine, May 19, 2008)

Cristian Mungiu: “My Generation” (, Feb 2008)

Andrew Niccol: Finds a World of “Macabre Absurdity” (GreenCine, Sept 2005)

Christopher Nolan’s Realistic Superhero (GreenCine, Oct 2005)

Mamoru Oshii (GreenCine, September 2004)

Dave Parker (Parallax View, November 2009)

Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor (GreenCine, Nov 2004)

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright – ‘Shaun of the Dead’ (GreenCine, Sept 2004)

J.T. Petty (Parallax View, April 2009)

Paul Provenza: “All it is, is just a joke” (GreenCine, Jan 2006)

Nicolas Winding Refn: “I don’t make crime films” (GreenCine, Nov 2006)

Kelly Reichardt’s New “Joy” (GreenCine, May 2007)

Jason Reitman (GreenCine, Oct 2006)

George A. Romero: “I’ve Had a Terrific Run of It” (GreenCine, Oct 2005)

David Russo and Little Dizzle (Parallax View, May, 2009)

Ira Sachs: “Knowledge is Change” (, Mar 2008)

Marjane Satrapi: “The Exile” (Jan 2008)

Carlos Saura (GreenCine, July 2003)

Adrienne Shelly (GreenCine, May 2007)

Lynn Shelton: “They Could Just Make It Happen With Their Own Words” (GreenCine, May 24, 2008)

Lynn Shelton on Humpday (Parallax View, July, 2009)

Kevin Smith (GreenCine, March 2004)

Kevin Smith Makes a Porno Comedy (Parallax View, November 2008)

Steven Soderbergh and “Che” (Parallax View, January 15, 2009)

Stewart Stern: The Storyteller (GreenCine, May 2006)

Rick Stevenson: “I Love Seattle” (GreenCine, Sept 2006)

Miike Takashi (GreenCine, June 2003)

Johnnie To (GreenCine, February 2004)

Stuart Townsend on Battle in Seattle (Parallax View, Sept 18, 2008)

Douglas Trumbull – From the Drawing Board to Immersive Media (GreenCine, Jan 2006)

Tom Tykwer and the Collector’s Compulsion (GreenCine, Dec 2006)

Gus Van Sant: “A cinema that might have existed” (GreenCine, Aug 2005)

Zhang Yang and Peter Loerh (GreenCine, July 2003)

Corey Yuen (GreenCine, Feb 2005)

Joss Whedon (GreenCine, Oct 2007)

David Zucker: Don’t Call Him Shirley (GreenCine, Aug 2006)


David Carradine (GreenCine, April 2004)

Thomas Haden Church (Seattle P-I, 2006)

Steve Coogan: “Can we get away with this?” (Parallax View, Aug 21, 2008)

Chris Cooper: “You Really Have to Work At It” (GreenCine, September 2, 2008)

Chiwetel Ejiofor: “I’ll Always Continue to Experiment” (GreenCine, April 26, 2008)

Charlton Heston (seanax, April 2008)

Janet Leigh on Touch of Evil (Parallax View, Oct 6, 2008)

John Noble on Fringe (Parallax View, April 2010)

Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson: Being Dante and Randal (GreenCine, July 2006)

Patton Oswalt talks movies and comics and more (, November 2007)

Tim Robbins: The Lucky One (Parallax View, Sept 24, 2008)

Olivia Thirlby: “Women Are Moviegoers Too” (GreenCine, August 8, 2008)

Garry Shandling: It’s Garry Shandling’s Interview (Parallax View, December 2009)

David Strathairn: “Film is Our Literature” (GreenCine, Oct 2005)

Taguchi Tomorowo (GreenCine, Apr 2005)

Steve Zahn (GreenCine, Apr 2005)


Peter Cowie’s Revolution (GreenCine, May 2007)

Dennis Doros – Milestone Films: It’s What We Love (GreenCine, July 2006)

Eddie Muller, the Ambassador of Film Noir (Parallax View, February 2010)

Bob O’Neil on Touch of Evil (Parallax View, October 2008)

Rick Schmidlin on Touch of Evil (Parallax View, October 2008)

What’s in Your DVD Player? (MSN Features)

Steve Buscemi (July 2007)

Steve Coogan (Aug, 2008)

Chris Cooper (March 2008)

Bryan Cranston (March, 2009)

David Cronenberg (Dec 2007)

John and Joan Cusack (June, 2008)

Brian DePalma (Nov 2007)

Michael Douglas (Oct 2007)

David Duchovny (Dec 2007)

Harrison Ford (October 14, 2008)

Morgan Freeman (Apr 2007)

Matt Groening (March, 2009)

Todd Haynes (May 2008)

Eddie Izzard (Feb 2008)

Tommy Lee Jones (Nov 2007)

Ben Kingsley (Oct 2007)

Ang Lee (Feb 2008)

Spike Lee (September 26, 2008)

David Lynch (Aug 2007)

Michael Moore (June 2007)

Viggo Mortensen (September 2007)

Patton Oswalt (Nov 2007)

Dominic Purcell (September 2007)

Amy Ryan (Feb 2008)

Garry Shandling (October, 2009)

Harry Shearer (for MSN Music) (September. 2009)

Joss Whedon (Nov 2007)

“Hot Rod” Dudes (July 2007)

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  1. Hey Sean,

    It’s Marc, the director of SALAWATI. I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you, so I thought I’d get in touch this way.

    It was really nice meeting you. I really hope to be back at SIFF for my next film. I happened on your column and appreciate the mention in your final paragraph. It was a great way for me to end the festival–my first–too.

    All the best,


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