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Lisandro Alonso: Into the Wild – The Stranger, 2009

Lisandro Alonso: Space, Time, Cinema – Parallax View, 2009

Ride Lonesome: The Career of Budd BoetticherEssay – Senses of Cinema, 2005

Budd Boetticher: An Introduction – Essay and introduction to a collection of pieces on Budd Boetticher for Parallax View, November 2008

Budd Boetticher: A DVD Wish List – Essay – Parallax View, November 2008

Mario Bava: Master Choreographer of the Giallo’s Dance of Death – Essay – Parallax View, October 23, 2008

The Soul of Cinema: Robert Bresson – Coverage of Robert Bresson film retrospective at Seattle’s Grand Illusion – Seattle Weekly, March 1999

Aki Kaursmaki: “Heaven and Helsinki – Coverage of Aki Kaursmaki film retrospective at Seattle’s Grand Illusion – Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 9, 2004

Melville’s Army of Shadows – Essay on Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Army of Shadows” with a brief career overview – GreenCine, June 23, 2006

Sacred Cinema: Yasujiro Ozu Retrospective – Coverage of Yasujiro Ozu film retrospective at Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum – Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 3, 2005

Jean Renoir: Master of the Game – Essay – GreenCine, April 3, 2007

Lighter Than Air: The Films of Jacques Rivette – Coverage of Jacque Rivette film retrospective at Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum – Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 2, 2007

Ousmane Sembène: Godfather of Black African Cinema – Essay –, March 2008

The Incendiary Cinema of Douglas Sirk – Essay – GreenCine, March 1, 2007

“Pull ze Strings!” – Ed Wood – Essay – GreenCine, March 13, 2007

Orson Welles: The Enigmatic Independent – Essay – GreenCine, August 2003

The Making, Unmaking and Reclamation of Touch of Evil – Essay – Parallax View, October 2008


Philip K. Dick’s dark dreams still fodder for films – Feature on the influence of science fiction author Philip K. Dick’s work on contemporary cinema – Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 26, 2002

Henri Langlois: “The Best Film Programmer on Earth” – Essay – GreenCine, August 2006

Musicals: Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance – Essay – GreenCine, November 2003

Science Fiction Cinema – Essay – GreenCine, November 2003

Thirteen Landmarks of Italian Horror; or, There’s Always Room for Giallo – Essay – Parallax View, November 2008

Godzilla: A Brief Guide to the Lizard King of Tokyo – Essay, GreenCine, July 2003

MSN Features – Movies

Now Playing at a Theater Near You: TV! – the best and worst shows to make the leap from small screen to big (July 2004)

Political Films: Strange Bedfellows (November 2004)

Top Ten Heist Films (December 2004)

Kiss Me Deadly: Hollywood’s Baddest Screen Gangsters (June 2009)

MSN Features – TV

Why Buffy Still Slays Us (Nov 16, 2004) – TV

Trek Essentials (June 1, 2005)

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