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Greetings, home video fans.

It’s been a little over two weeks since my last Videodrone column for MSN Movies, a gig I had for six years. It turns out that the home video market did not slow even for a bit to acknowledge its passing so I’m going to open this new incarnation by playing a little catch-up.

I won’t worry about being comprehensive here, but even picking and choosing my way through the last couple of weeks of releases brings up such a wealth of goodies that there’s surely something here for everyone’s tastes and interests.

Let’s begin …

New Releases:PacificRimBD

Pacific Rim (Warner, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD, Digital HD, VOD, On Demand), Guillermo del Toro’s fanboy tribute to Japanese kaiju with his own visual aesthetic build from the ground up with a Hollywood blockbuster budget, should be better than it turned to be. The pulpy script about giant monsters invading the Earth from a crack in the ocean floor leans on lazy motivations and vague concepts of the “drift” that allows pilots to pair up on the giant fighting bots (which are ignored whenever they are inconvenient to the plot). Characters are sketched in hurriedly and we take relationships at face value when the cast chemistry fails to ignite, like a live action cartoon. Which it often resembles. But then the giant robots started battling giant monsters (which are equal parts Godzilla mutants and Lovecraft demons) and you just don’t care. Plus there’s Idrissa Elba as the commander you want in charge when mankind’s future is at stake. And big honking gears and pistons and other Mecha details. And Ron Perlman in the greatest suit in the history of movies. And … Okay, fanboy sold.

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