TV on Disc: ‘Grimm: Season One’

Grimm: Season One (Universal) is one of the new breed of urban fantasy shows, a mix of dark fairy tale, modern crime, and supernatural conspiracy set in the emerald forest of Portland, Oregon.

David Giuntoli stars as Nick Burkhardt, just your average telegenic, young homicide detective in the laid back emerald city of Portland, Oregon, until he starts seeing monsters in the population. You see, fairy tales are real and Nick discovers that he comes from a long line of Grimms, monster hunters with the ability to see past the human masks to the creatures beneath and access to the lore (passed down from the original Grimm Brothers) to take them on.

Sure, it’s the usual high concept take on a fantasy concept, but this one is a lot of fun despite the familiar conventions. Nick can’t tell his veterinarian girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) or his partner Hank (Russell Hornsby) who he is or what he does, so he turns to reformed blutbad (Grimm-speak for big bad wolf) Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a peace-loving wolfman just trying to co-exist peacefully with the help of meditation, a healthy diet, and a positive attitude.

There’s a hit of “Buffy” here, thanks to co-creator David Greenwalt (a producer on “Buffy” and co-creator of the “Angel” spin-off, as well as a veteran of “X-Files” and other  genre shows). “Grimm” follows the monster-of-the-week format while building on the concept through the season and as the series develops so does the whole culture of wesen (supernatural beings) and hints at big doings in the underworld. Little does Nick know that his own boss, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz), is wesen royalty and the leader of… what exactly, we’re not sure, except that he’s behind the murder of Nick’s aunt, who passed the mantle of Grimm down to Nick with her death.

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