New Release: ‘Colombiana’

Rising star Zoe Saldana (Uhura in the big-screen “Star Trek” reboot) takes the lead as a sexy assassin in Colombiana (Sony), the latest from the Luc Besson international action movie factory.

This one is no “La Femme Nikita” — it’s not even a “Taken,” as far as that goes — but once you get past the clichés and the reckless obsession of its heroine, it’s a classic Besson action fest, a souped-up drive-in action thriller with exotic locations (Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico doubling as Bogota), clever set pieces and action sequences that favor impressive physical stunts over CGI-enhanced spectacle. Saldana is a natural as an action star, with her slinky figure, her lithe moves going through vents and snaking through air ducts, her dancer’s moves fighting and shooting. And how could a director with a name like Olivier Megaton not deliver an action blast? It a bit silly, with logical gaps and absurd romantic detours, but a lot of fun.

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