Expert Witness: “Alice in Wonderland: 60th Anniversary”

Alice in Wonderland: 60th Anniversary” (Blu-ray+DVD Combo) (Disney)

Alice down the rabbit hole of HD

Disney’s 1951 animated adaptation of both of Lewis Carroll’s Alice novels (“The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”) streamlines the story for a trippy bounce down the rabbit hole. A flop upon release, it was rediscovered by the drug generation in the sixties and finally embraced as a Disney classic-lite by subsequent generations. You could see it as a juvenile acid trip: innocent little Alice imbibes strange food and drink which makes her grow and shrink, talks with a cat that has a tendency to dissolve in front of her eyes and takes advice from a caterpillar puffing on a water pipe. But let’s not get too far down that path.

Like most of Disney’s animated features, it gets rolled out every seven years or so in a new edition. This year it bows on Blu-ray in a brilliant new master. For this look, I turn to the experts for guidance.

“Quite a massive jump in color saturation and vibrancy in the new 1080P transfer of Disney’s 51′ classic Alice in Wonderland,” writes Gary Tooze at DVD Beaver, a site that specializes in measuring and surveying the technical quality of the discs under scrutiny. “Reds, blues and yellows are notable improvements, there are no unseemly jaggies – as well as a dramatic improvement – it looks flawless – almost as if it were brand new.” A gallery of screen shots from the new Blu-ray edition and the previous DVD releases contrasts the visual quality and the palette, with the Blu-ray indeed brighter, sharper and more cleanly saturated.

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