Total Recall: Lionsgate recalls “The Dead”

The Lionsgate DVD
The Lionsgate DVD

Word of the The Dead fiasco has apparently reached Lionsgate HQ.

Lionsgate has just issued a recall of all copies of The Dead, the John Huston film that was released on DVD this week in an incomplete version. I’ve not been able to get any details beyond their hope to have replacement copies in the next couple of weeks.

More updates as I receive them.

(And no, I haven’t heard if they will replace that awful cover art with the beautiful poster art the original theatrical release .)

My initial review of the DVD is here.

UPDATE: Here’s the press release  from Lionsgate and instructions for consumers to get a replacement for their disc:

It has come to our attention that due to a technical malfunction, the initial DVD shipment of John Huston’s THE DEAD contained an incomplete version of the film. We deeply apologize to all our consumers for this unfortunate error and want to offer them an opportunity to replace their current copies with the complete version as soon as it is available to ship the week of November 23rd.  We regret this inconvenience, as Lionsgate is committed to providing our consumers the highest quality home entertainment experience.

All consumers who purchased a copy and wish to receive the new complete version should do one of the following:

– EMAIL with their address and a scan/attachment of their receipt
– FAX (310) 222-5562 with their address and copy of their receipt
-MAIL their receipt along with a note including their address to: 20102 S Vermont Ave Torrance, CA  90502

Or please call (800) 650-7099 directly if you have any further questions.

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6 thoughts on “Total Recall: Lionsgate recalls “The Dead””

  1. Ouch! That’s horrific cover art for such a great movie. I wonder if the cover art designers thought it was a Halloween movie and didn’t even bother to watch it first. With that title and Anjelica’s reputation, it makes it seem like it might be creepy.

  2. Great news. Now when can I send away to get a real subtitle track to THE NEST instead of closed craptions, or an uncut, Cantonese language BLACK MASK, or subtitles for the extensive unsubbed Mandarin-language scenes in TWO TIGERS, or a disc that replaces the dubtitles on NEW POLICE STORY with an actual translation, or a non-VHS-sourced IRONWEED. This is the first hint I’ve ever seen that Lionsgate even has a quality control department. I find the very notion of such a thing intriguing.

  3. It’s nice that they’re fixing it and all, but I’m still waiting for some of Huston’s older films to make it onto DVD, like The List of Adrian Messenger and The African Queen.

  4. Thanks for the link, Sean.

    It’s a shame they didn’t include ‘John Huston and the Dubliners’ (1988), Lilyan Sievernich’s documentary (60 minutes) on the making of the film. As far as I can determine, it’s no longer available (and has never been on DVD). A major loss to Huston fans.


  5. I just wanted to update everyone. I spoke with Lionsgate today (Dec 8, 09) and, although there press release says that they would begin shipping the week of November 23rd, they currently have no release date set for the corrected DVD. Who knows how long we will have to wait. It would be nice to get it before Jan 6 so we can view it on its proper day but there is no reason to hold our breath.

    If any of you get updated info please post it here to help the rest of us. Thanks

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